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Why a home screen ?

The main objective of this screen is to allow users to have a view of the indicators of the application: mail deposited, in progress...

In addition, three columns are presented :

  • on the left: shortcuts to previously used services
  • in the middle: pending deposits, orders awaiting validation. These are tasks started by the user but not completed.
  • on the right: a quick view of the last orders made

At the bottom of the page, an information message can inform you about the status of the solution, an upcoming update date, a production problem...

There is too much information for me

We are aware of this and soon we will offer ways to choose what you want to display on the screen, the number of tiles...

In the application menu there are shortcuts to different screens

In green: link to the deliveries made during the current month. If there is a red dot, a delivery is in error.
In blue: link to the pending deposits. If there is a yellow dot, a deposit is being processed
In red: if the icon is colored, it means that for some shipments there are incorrect returns (mail delivery error, electronic registered letter shipment error, email shipment error...)

What to do if a delivery truck icon has a red dot ?

When a delivery is in error, you have to contact us via the support. This is a status that should not occur in normal conditions.

What languages are available?

It is possible to choose a language from the following list: French, English, German, Dutch

How to change the user's language?

From the icon on the top right, you click on the Update Info icon.

How do I change my password?

From the top right icon, click on the Update Info icon.

How do I change my contact information?

From the top right icon, you click on the Update Info icon and you will be able to update : Title, Last name, First name, Email address.

How to disconnect ?

From the icon on the top right, you click on the Logout icon.

How to connect to the application ?

All you need to do is enter your username and password to connect from the home screen. You must first have subscribed to the service through our sales department.
Contact your administrator to obtain your access.

What are the compatible web browsers ?

The latest web browsers are compatibles: Firefox 67+, Chrome 74+, Microsoft Edge 79+

How to connect if I have lost my password ?

If you have lost your password, click on the 'Lost password' link from the home screen. You will then have to enter your email and you will receive a message in your email box allowing you to change your password.
Then click on the password message link and follow the instructions to update your password.

What if I can't change my password ?

When you update your password, it may have to respect certain constraints.
When you enter your password in the lower right corner of the window you have information that calculates the strength of your password.
You must imperatively enter a password with greater strength than that requested by your administrator. Contact your administrator to obtain this 'strength' information required by your password.

What if I have a red indicator on the recipient address?

All the elements displayed in red in the application are elements in error or not in conformity.
For an address, it is generally the postal code and the city which are not correct.
Make sure that the information is valid by going for example on the official site of the post office. For laposte in France:

What if the content of the address is empty?

When using the virtual printer, it can sometimes happen that the extraction of the contents of the address is not correct.
This issue is related to the necessary conversion steps between the original file format and the PDF format of the Intelligent Hybrid Mail solution.
You can work around this problem by generating the PDF yourself from Word, Office, QuarkExpress ...
Then you can drop the document from the application's web portal without going through the virtual printer.

We cannot guarantee that 100% of your PDF files are supported.
Different conversion steps may be involved in the processing of your files and these conversions may alter the content of the documents.

What if I can't click to 'Prepare' for my shipment?

You must check if all the prerequisites for the service have been met.
For example, some services require several elements: a PDF file in the main box, a PDF Memo file, a 10-digit phone number, a 5-digit contract number, etc.
All missing information appears in red on the screens.
Contact your account administrator if you think that a prerequisite is not necessary for a service.

What document formats are accepted on the web portal?

From the application's web portal, only PDF documents and data files CSV/JSON are accepted.
For the vast majority of services, documents are PDF in A4 format.
To improve compatibility you can use documents in PDF/A format.

What document formats are accepted through the virtual printer?

The virtual printer accepts many formats, in particular Word and OpenOffice formats.

On which operating systems is it possible to install the virtual printer?

Windows 10 only.

How to install the virtual printer?

You must obtain administrator rights on your machine to install the virtual printer.

Can I use it as a network printer for my business?

No, the virtual printer is installed on a client workstation.

What if I can't log in with my credentials?

Your username and password pair are probably incorrect. Check by simply logging in from the web portal.

What is the post date for my mail?

When you confirm the delivery of your mail, the nearest post date of deposit is selected.
It is possible by clicking on the calendar icon to plan future mailings.

How to get the tracking number of a registered mail?

For each registered document you can access the tracking number via the document tracking details.
For some providers, the application allows you to download a scanned acknowledgements of delivery.

How do I export proofs of delivery?

From the list of documents you can export in one click the list of all the scanned acknowledgements of delivery.

How long are the proofs of delivery kept?

Delivery proofs are kept in the system for the entire life of the document. The retention period of your documents is specified in your contract.

My delivery is awaiting confirmation, is it possible to modify it?

No, a delivery waiting for a confirmation cannot be changed. You can either:

  • reject it by adding a message that will be visible to the user who created the delivery.
  • confirm it.

When confirming the order, the post mailing date is updated.

Where do I find the application version I am using?

From the user icon at the top right, click on the small circular icon (info)

How to access support using telephone or email?

Depending on your support contract, you have access via telephone support or via the JIRA support site (Click on the link at the top right of this page).
Support access times are also specified on your contract.
Contact your sales for more information.

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